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Application of Achromatic Depolarizer

Application of Achromatic Depolarizer

Aug 26, 2022

In some optical systems, linearly polarized light is undesirable, such as in reflectance spectrometers, where polarization effects can affect detector sensitivity. Depolarizers are used to convert polarized light into randomly polarized light

Yes, it is widely used in polarization-sensitive systems and instruments.

Achromatic depolarizers are mainly used to convert polarized beams into randomly polarized beams.

After the linearly polarized light of a monochromatic light source passes through an achromatic depolarizer, its polarization state will change spatially; while the linearly polarized light of a broadband light sourceAfter the light passes through the achromatic depolarizer, its polarization state will change spatially with different wavelengths.

Achromatic depolarizers consist of two crystal quartz wedges bonded or photoresisted, one of which is as thick as the other twice as much. The optical axis of each optical wedge is parallel to the light-transmitting surface, and the angle between the optical axes of the two crystal quartz optical wedges is 45 degrees.

This particular design does not require placing the optical axis of the achromatic depolarizer at a specific angle,

This property is especially useful in applications where the initial polarization state of the light is unknown or changes over time.

For monochromatic light, the incident spot diameter must be greater than 6mm to achieve a better depolarization effect. This minimum beam diameter must be achieved because the randomness of the polarization state of the output light is generated by the polarization state of the beam realized by spatial changes.

But there is no spot diameter requirement for broadband light sources, because in addition to the spatial variation of the polarization state of the outgoing beam, the wavelength-dependent phase delay will also make the polarization of the transmitted light The vibration state produces random changes.

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