• TGG crystal TGG crystal
    Aug 26, 2022
    TGG is the best magneto-optic material for making Faraday rotators and isolators, and its applicable wavelength is 400-1100nm (excluding 470nm-500nm). And its main advantage is: 1:Large magneto-optic constant (35 Rad T-1m-1).2:Low transmission loss (<0.1%/cm). 3:High thermal conductivity (7.4W m-1K-1).4:High resistance to laser damage threshold (>1GW/cm2). Main application:Faraday rotators, optical isolators, etc.Main Properties: Chemical Formula Tb3Ga5O12 Lattice Parameter a=12.355Å Growth Method Czocralski Density 7.13g/cm3 Mohs Hardness 8.0 Melting Point 1725 ℃ Refractive Index 1.954 at 1064nm   Quanzhou Huake can provide the processing index of TGG crystal: Standard TGG Rod Specification:   Orientation [111] within ±15 arc min Wave Front Distortion < 1/8 wave Extinction Ratio > 30dB Diameter +0.00mm/-0.05mm Length +0.2mm/-0.2mm Chamfer 0.10mm @ 45° Flatness < 1/10 wave at 633nm Parallelism < 30 arc Seconds Perpendicularity < 5 arc min Surface Quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig AR coating <0.2% We welcome your inquiries.
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